The Sun Is Also a Star

Image Credit: LFSMusings

5/5 stars

Natasha believes in science and not love. Daniel is a poet who knows there is someone out there for him. When these two meet, their polar opposite personalities are the base for something beautiful. The only question is, will the universe keep them together? 

This was such a quick and easy read for me. Yet, in the short book I found a moving and complex story of two teens from immigrant families trying to create their own American dreams. I loved the structure of the book. The chapters were very short and intermingled were short perspectives of people they meet along the way. 

99% of the book takes place in a single day and it was still captivating. I loved how you would read about something that happened to Natasha or Daniel and then learn that there was more going on behind the scenes when you read a perspective from a parent or sibling. 

For those just looking for a teen romance, this may not be for you. The romance is definitely there but it is a slow burn and you may feel a bit disappointed. While I loved their curiosity and potential romance, I loved how they navigated America better. I loved seeing into their family dynamics and the conversations surrounding race and culture. 

I was shocked by how much Nicola Yoon packed into this little book and I am excited to read more.

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