MY ADOPTION STORY Pt. 72 | Hitting Milestones as an Adoptee

Those big milestones are supposed to be really happy moments. For adoptees, they can be a bit more complicated. While I am also proud of my accomplishments and genuinely happy I have made it this far, there is always a part of me that wishes my first family could be there to witness these moments too. The days are both happy and sad and result in a lot of confusing feelings. I hope adoptees who also have these conflicting emotions when they hit milestones may find validation and support in this latest adoption story episode.

My videos are filmed and scheduled to publish weeks in advance. While I had the energy to discuss these topics then, I may be in a different place now. I don’t want any adoptee to feel like I am ignoring their connections. I just have to take care of myself as well.

For Lilly’s Entire Adoption Playlist:

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