MY ADOPTION STORY Pt. 73 | I have a Chinese, TRA sister

People always ask me about how it was having a Chinese, transracial adoptee as a sister. Parents wonder if they should adopt another child of the same race and/or ethnicity as their child. Having a Chinese adoptee as a sister was nice, but it didn’t magically solve all the issues with adoption and transracial adoption. Now, we are in are mid-twenties and can have discussions about adoption and race. As children, we didn’t know how. In this video, I share about my experience growing up with another Chinese adoptee in the family.

My videos are filmed and scheduled to publish weeks in advance. While I had the energy to discuss these topics then, I may be in a different place now. I don’t want any adoptee to feel like I am ignoring their connections. I just have to take care of myself as well

. For Lilly’s Entire Adoption Playlist:

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