Little Gifts to Learn Chinese

Me with my new exercise books Image Credit: LFSMusings

Learning Chinese was something I attempted to do as a child. I didn’t appreciate Saturday school. Even though my parents said I would regret quitting later on, I still stopped.

I do regret quitting. But I am also thankful I wasn’t forced into it because, knowing me, that would lead to me resenting my birth language.

3 years ago, I started learning again. More details are in my episode about it, but it all happened very serendipitously. I had a friend I met at work whose wife used to teach Mandarin. She was willing to offer me private tutoring. I felt comfortable learning in that space and continued.

Fast forward to today. I met another friend at work. A fellow graduate student from China. She knows I am adopted and working to reclaim my identity. She surprises me with little gifts from China. Today was one of the best. She gave me exercises books so I can improve my calligraphy!

I am so thankful for the supportive people doing what they can to help me learn. I feel safe and accepted. 谢谢!

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