Nothing To See Here

5/5 stars Lillian and Madison were unlikely friends at school, but have maintained distant contact in adulthood. Suddenly, Madison enlists Lillian’s help to care for Madison’s twin step children. It seems like a typical nannying job except for the fact that the children can spontaneously burst into flames. Lillian must figure out how to care … More Nothing To See Here

What's Invalidation?

Trigger Warning: Racist language used against Asians (used in a quote said to me) Invalidation comes in all forms. I experience it most often when my graphics and posts get shared and exposed to people who have never confronted complexities with adoption and race. “Won’t discredit her feelings, but I fear she’s had different experiences … More What's Invalidation?

Welcome to 2020

It’s December 30th, 2019 which means it’s time for a post full of self-reflection and cliches. I’ll start by acknowledging that I think this is the very first time I have posted a picture of myself here. What started as an anonymous blog has morphed into something I am proud to take ownership of… a … More Welcome to 2020

Red at the Bone

5/5 stars Iris was 16 when she became pregnant with Melody. Her coming of age ceremony never happened. Now Melody is 16 and preparing for her own ceremony while wearing the dress meant for her mother. Surrounded by her family, Melody makes her grand entrance and we learn about the successes and tragedies of this … More Red at the Bone

With the Fire on High

5/5 stars Emoni Santiago has been working hard for her family. As a teen mother from a non-traditional family, she realizes her path may not be as clear as other kids’ her own age. One thing she is sure of is her love for cooking. Her senior year is finally here and although she’s just … More With the Fire on High

The Unhoneymooners

4/5 stars Olive couldn’t believe it. Her twin’s wedding ended in a disaster and now Olive was stuck taking over the honeymoon trip to Maui. The issue? This trip was won in a contest so Olive has to pretend to be her twin. It sounds easy since they are identical, but she must also share … More The Unhoneymooners

The Last Time I Lied

4/5 stars 15 years ago, Emma’s 3 cabin mates went missing and were never found. Their disappearances have haunted her since. Now, she returns to Camp Nightingale and mysterious things are happening again. Emma must face her past and figure out just how much was a lie. Sad to say this was not my favorite … More The Last Time I Lied

When You Read This

4/5 stars Iris was only 33 when her life was cut short by cancer. Her boss and colleague, Smith, discovers she had a written blog that she hoped would be published as a book posthumously. Smith and his new college intern, Carl, must convince her sister this blog is worth the read to fulfill Iris’s … More When You Read This

Dear Edward

5/5 stars Eddie was halfway across the country when something unthinkable happened. The plane he and his family were on plummeted from the sky killing everyone… well, everyone except for Eddie. At just 12-years-old, Eddie must learn to live through this horrific tragedy and find himself along the way. This was an incredibly moving novel. … More Dear Edward