Hi, everyone! You probably found me due to the latest news regarding an adoption influencer and re-homing her son. I wanted to give another update and also welcome you to the channel. I share A LOT about my adoption story and hope that adoptees may find validation and support through my videos. It’s an added … More MY ADOPTION STORY | NEW SUBS AND INFLUENCER UPDATE | CHAT TIME

Profiting from family separation and trauma is WRONG.

Re: Warning: You can read the article, but please reconsider watching their videos. Every click gives their monetized videos more ad money. Almost 3 years ago when I began the adoptee advocacy journey on YouTube, this channel kept getting suggested to me. We even commented on one or two of each other’s videos when … More Profiting from family separation and trauma is WRONG.

Mid-May Update

The days have been the same in quarantine. I haven’t written on here in quite a while because there hasn’t been anything to update. I rebranded to include part of my Chinese name. AdopteeLilly was a great place to start, but I am much more than just an adoptee. LillyFei allows me to show my … More Mid-May Update

I’m Going Live!

It’s really important we stay connected and continue showing each other support even while practicing social distancing. Comments are open below for you to share when you are available and if there is a specific topic you are interested in. Check out the short video below for more information!


UPDATE: SEE LATEST VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF THE PAGE For those who follow my advocacy here, I posted a video with some major updates on life. For stuff like this, filming is definitely easier than writing. Check it out below: Like the blog? Leave a comment, like, share! Instagram and Twitter: Adoption Advocacy: Books:

Children See Color

There is a video going around showing that kids are not color blind (embedded below). They see race. Transracial adoptees have been aware of this. I didn’t need to be told I was different from my adoptive parents. I saw race. I just didn’t know what it was. I witnessed this firsthand last weekend. The … More Children See Color

Cafes and Culture

Happy Saturday, everyone! I am one lucky woman and have zero plans for the day. My only plans are to spend the day immersed in really good books and hopefully getting another chapter or two written in my latest novel. Minor Update: Yes, I am still loving Scrivener and will likely be purchasing it to … More Cafes and Culture