The Family Upstairs

3/5 stars On Libby Jones’ 25th birthday, she receives the letter she’s been expecting her whole life. As an adopted person, she’s fantasized about who her birth parents are, but now she knows. She also learns that she’s the sole inheritor to the family mansion. With this new information, she can start on a path … More The Family Upstairs

Nothing To See Here

5/5 stars Lillian and Madison were unlikely friends at school, but have maintained distant contact in adulthood. Suddenly, Madison enlists Lillian’s help to care for Madison’s twin step children. It seems like a typical nannying job except for the fact that the children can spontaneously burst into flames. Lillian must figure out how to care … More Nothing To See Here

Dear Edward

5/5 stars Eddie was halfway across the country when something unthinkable happened. The plane he and his family were on plummeted from the sky killing everyone… well, everyone except for Eddie. At just 12-years-old, Eddie must learn to live through this horrific tragedy and find himself along the way. This was an incredibly moving novel. … More Dear Edward

The Cactus

****There will be spoilers in this review**** 2/5 stars I gave this book a try after hearing it was like Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. I almost didn’t finish this book, even after the “plot twist” reveal. The only reason I continued is because I was already very close to the end.  It felt like … More The Cactus