Little Gods

4/5 stars Su Lan was a brilliant physicist. She kept herself distant from every person in her life. Her complex personality made her an enigma. Even more intriguing is how determined she was to erase her past. Now she has died and her daughter, Liya, travels to China to collect Su Lan’s ashes. From the … More Little Gods

Such a Fun Age

5/5 stars I may have just found my new favorite book! Emira is a 25-year-old black woman who is still figuring life out. She’s currently the babysitter of a quirky toddler. The toddler’s mother, Alix Chamberlain, is a privileged, white woman who encourages being a confident, independent woman. In fact, she has created an entire … More Such a Fun Age

A Woman Is No Man

5/5 stars This is a powerful read that follows three generations of Palestinian women in America. In 1990, Isra struggles to please her mother-in-law, Fareeda. 20 years later Deya, Isra’s daughter, struggles to do the same while confronting her own identity of being a woman in America.  This was a moving and heavy read. I … More A Woman Is No Man

Red at the Bone

5/5 stars Iris was 16 when she became pregnant with Melody. Her coming of age ceremony never happened. Now Melody is 16 and preparing for her own ceremony while wearing the dress meant for her mother. Surrounded by her family, Melody makes her grand entrance and we learn about the successes and tragedies of this … More Red at the Bone

Miracle Creek

5/5 stars The Miracle Submarine was supposed to be a new treatment to help a myriad or conditions. So, how did it end in the deaths of 2 clients? In this courtroom thriller, you’ll be learning about the lives of clients and owners of the Miracle Submarine as the single mother of an autistic child … More Miracle Creek