Frankly in Love

5/5 stars Frank Li has a problem. He wants to date a girl his parents would never approve of. She’s white and they’re Korean. As luck would have it, his friend, Joy, has a similar problem. The solution? Frank and Joy will pretend to date each other so they can continue seeing their respective partners … More Frankly in Love

The Escape Room

4/5 stars Four ruthless investment bankers must work together in an escape room. But this is not your typical and fun challenge you complete with family and friends. This is life or death. This novel weaves together past and present as the characters must face their choices and determine why they were picked for this … More The Escape Room


4.5/5 stars A failed novelist is turning 50 and struggling with the idea of getting old. To make matters worse, his boyfriend of the last 9 years if getting married to someone else. To run away from life, he takes a trip around the world.  This satire was a great romantic comedy. I loved the … More Less

The Death of Mrs. Westaway

3.5/5 stars Hal receives a letter informing her that she is a beneficiary of her grandmother’s estate. The problem is, her grandparents have been dead for 20 years. She knows what the right thing to do is, but she’s burdened by finances and adulthood. She makes her way to the family mansion and begins to realize … More The Death of Mrs. Westaway

My Sister, the Serial Killer

4/5 stars Korede is the older, responsible sister. Ayoolah is a free-spirit, beautiful, and a serial killer. Korede takes over after the murders to clan everything up and protect her family. Things get a little complicated when the man Korede secretly loves asks for Ayoolah’s number. Will Korede keep protecting her sister or instead, protect … More My Sister, the Serial Killer

Final Girls

5/5 stars Three women are bonded by three tragedies. Those three were sole survivors in separate massacres and have now been named the Final Girls. When the first is found dead, the second, Sam, emerges from hiding and lands on the doorstep of Quincy, the third Final Girl. Things aren’t as they seem as Quincy … More Final Girls

Give Me Your Hand

3.5/5 stars A short review today… I finished this book pretty quickly, but as I think back on it I really question what happened. This was more of a story about the loyalty of ‘childhood’ friends and how that translates to adulthood. This was pretty good. It was definitely weird reading about research chemists in … More Give Me Your Hand

Never Have I Ever

2.5/5 stars Did I read the same book as everyone else? It seems I may be in the very small group that did not like this book.  It started out good. The premise is very intriguing, and I was curious to see how this popular game could ruin lives. I learned the Never Have I … More Never Have I Ever