Reward or Necessity?

So, what is self care exactly? When do you do it? Do you only allow for self care after you’ve gone through a period of extremely hard work? That’s what I used to do. I wouldn’t allow myself a break or period of treating myself unless I achieved a specific level of success. That was … More Reward or Necessity?

I Didn’t Do Enough

Graduate school ends relationships. It’s a mentality that many hold. No, I haven’t searched for the statistics on how many relationships actually end because of graduate school. However, a quick google search will yield numerous articles and forums all along the lines of, “Did graduate school kill your relationship?” No, I’m not going into the … More I Didn’t Do Enough

Baking In The Sun

You know when it’s really hot out, and you’re expecting a refreshing breeze? Your hair is lifted off of your sweaty neck, and you’re waiting for the aaaah moment? Today is so hot, that the wind is also hot. It feels like a giant hair dryer is behind teasing the thought of cool breeze that … More Baking In The Sun

Slowly Losing Steam

Got into work a little later than usual. I was expecting to be the last person in. I was the second person in. What’s happening? I’m assuming I’m not the only one who has reached a rut. It’s almost mid-July. It reaches 90 F by noon. It seems like everyone is in a similar place … More Slowly Losing Steam


It can be terrifying signing yourself up for graduate school. My PhD program is 5-6 years of intense work and multiple hurdles you must get through. Know that the people in your program are going through the exact same thing. There are mental health resources on campus that you can seek out. Not all departments advertise this. Find it for yourself. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap I did. Your situation doesn’t have to be permanent. … More Shhhh….

7.4.19 Day Off

This morning I was still up early to take care of my dog, but when I got back inside, I plopped down on the couch and took out my iPad to start writing. Yes, I purposely write on my iPad because opening up my laptop would mean opening up the device that holds all of my actual work to do. … More 7.4.19 Day Off