LV Toiletry 15

Some of you may be aware of my love for high quality, luxury items. I have a small collection that I love using and hope to pass down to my family one day. These pieces are timeless and so fun to use. As I use this blog to share more about some of my other … More LV Toiletry 15

Cafes and Culture

Happy Saturday, everyone! I am one lucky woman and have zero plans for the day. My only plans are to spend the day immersed in really good books and hopefully getting another chapter or two written in my latest novel. Minor Update: Yes, I am still loving Scrivener and will likely be purchasing it to … More Cafes and Culture

Trying Scrivener

Everyone. I feel like such a hypocrite. After writing an entire blog about my writing style (check it out here) and writing everything longhand, I’ve started a free trial of Scrivener. I love it. I’ve heard writers rave about this software and one night when my hand was cramping from my pen and paper, I … More Trying Scrivener

My Writing Process

Update: I’ve started a free trial of Scrivener (a writing software), and I love it. I’ll be posting an update post soon! If you’ve been following me, you’ve probably figured out that writing is one of my favorite hobbies. I never considered myself as a writer… I still don’t. I think of myself as a … More My Writing Process

How I Balance Life

Often, people ask me how I do it all—a PhD, advocacy, reading, writing, Chinese lessons, exercise, socializing, taking care of my pets. When I hear that, I think to myself, “That’s not really a lot of stuff.” There are people with way more on their plate than me. There are people with way less time … More How I Balance Life