Welcome to 2020

It’s December 30th, 2019 which means it’s time for a post full of self-reflection and cliches. I’ll start by acknowledging that I think this is the very first time I have posted a picture of myself here. What started as an anonymous blog has morphed into something I am proud to take ownership of… a … More Welcome to 2020

Vacation Time!!

It’s been a long time! Time for a 50% photo-blog! I’ve been reading at a much slower pace, and I went on vacation so there was not much time for blogging.  Last week I passed my qualifying exam which took a bunch of stress away. I am finally back to researching and getting data! To … More Vacation Time!!

Taking an update break?

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a musing for the day. I’ve been sticking to the book reviews, plus life has not been exciting enough to post about lately. I’ve been working a lot. So much so, that I am officially on hiatus from working on my novel and will hopefully pick … More Taking an update break?

Just another week

I walked out this morning and instead of being hit with the normal wall of hot, humid air, I felt a temperate breeze. Hopeful, I pulled open my weather app to see what the high was for today. Don’t fret. I was immediately crushed. Today, the high is 103 Fahrenheit and it “feels like” 108. … More Just another week

Studying Saturday

Did I ever update that my book box came? I think I did. My days have been getting jumbled. It’s a lovely Saturday except for the fact that the high is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m definitely staying inside. I am studying at one of my favorite cafes (the one with the delicious grilled cheese). I’m … More Studying Saturday

It finally came!

Not much to update today, other than my Book of the Month box came! I was getting worried because the post office predicted it wouldn’t reach me until August 14th! I now have plenty of books to read for the rest of the month, so get ready for lots of reviews! I had lunch with … More It finally came!

A finished notebook?

Happy Wednesday! We are about halfway through the work week! There was no update yesterday. The day was a little busy and ended with a migraine 😦 I rested my eyes from all of the screens and books and listened to some podcasts and shows I’ve already watched on Netflix. My current read is Tiny … More A finished notebook?

Productive Mondays

What a productive day! I didn’t wake up as early as I would have liked. My allergies have been pretty bad lately. They make my eyes itch and make me feel groggy overall. Despite this, I was able to accomplish a lot. I got a lot done at work. My presentation is almost complete (except … More Productive Mondays