Mask Musings

Yes, I recognize this entire situation is complicated. Yes, I realize people need to work to live. Vacations and parties are not excusable in my book. It’s been four months of quarantining, social distancing, and wearing a mask. And yet when I go on social media, my feeds are flooded with acquaintances traveling, visiting friends … More Mask Musings


It’s a very special day — This blog turns one year old today! One year ago, I was dealing with one of the worst weeks of my life. I didn’t feel ready to share many of my thoughts on a platform that was linked to my name, but I knew I needed to write. Thus, … More ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY

Mid-May Update

The days have been the same in quarantine. I haven’t written on here in quite a while because there hasn’t been anything to update. I rebranded to include part of my Chinese name. AdopteeLilly was a great place to start, but I am much more than just an adoptee. LillyFei allows me to show my … More Mid-May Update

April 2020 Update

Well, I managed to get two months into 2020 with updates before I dropped off. I blame COVID-19 for that. So… we are now approaching the end of April, and I figured it would be time for a March/April/Quarantine update. My life has finally started to stabilize… so much so that I could film a … More April 2020 Update


UPDATE: SEE LATEST VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF THE PAGE For those who follow my advocacy here, I posted a video with some major updates on life. For stuff like this, filming is definitely easier than writing. Check it out below: Like the blog? Leave a comment, like, share! Instagram and Twitter: Adoption Advocacy: Books:

Apologize Later

I just had my first experience of being an authority figure handling a dangerous situation. Let me tell you, it’s scary. A student approached the teaching team to inform us that there was someone stalking and possibly videoing a student in the women’s bathroom. Three of the team went to follow the suspect and call … More Apologize Later

Cafes and Culture

Happy Saturday, everyone! I am one lucky woman and have zero plans for the day. My only plans are to spend the day immersed in really good books and hopefully getting another chapter or two written in my latest novel. Minor Update: Yes, I am still loving Scrivener and will likely be purchasing it to … More Cafes and Culture