It’s a very special day — This blog turns one year old today! One year ago, I was dealing with one of the worst weeks of my life. I didn’t feel ready to share many of my thoughts on a platform that was linked to my name, but I knew I needed to write. Thus, … More ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY

Triggers are Valid

Why am I writing this and not just ignoring the haters? Because I know about all the adoptees feeling alone and watching advocates being gaslighted when sharing their experiences. When you relate to someone sharing, and you see them being attacked for it, that automatically puts some fear into your mind that it’ll happen to … More Triggers are Valid

Profiting from family separation and trauma is WRONG.

Re: Warning: You can read the article, but please reconsider watching their videos. Every click gives their monetized videos more ad money. Almost 3 years ago when I began the adoptee advocacy journey on YouTube, this channel kept getting suggested to me. We even commented on one or two of each other’s videos when … More Profiting from family separation and trauma is WRONG.