Mrs. Everything

5/5 stars A full review may be coming later, but my motivation in quarantine is looooow… This was an enthralling story about two sisters that took very different paths in life. Spanning from the 1950s to present, we follow the sisters to see how they ended up completely opposite of what they had imagined.

Night Theater

5/5 stars Thank you to Catapult for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Saheb is a surgeon at a run-down clinic with barely enough supplies to stay open. Every day is a battle as Saheb must fight to get the supplies he needs from corrupt officials. One night, … More Night Theater

Beach Read

4.5/5 stars Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. January and Augustus could not be more opposite. While she writes romantic comedies, he is an acclaimed author of literary fiction. Neither understand the other. January would prefer all of her stories to … More Beach Read

Little Gods

4/5 stars Su Lan was a brilliant physicist. She kept herself distant from every person in her life. Her complex personality made her an enigma. Even more intriguing is how determined she was to erase her past. Now she has died and her daughter, Liya, travels to China to collect Su Lan’s ashes. From the … More Little Gods

One True Loves

5/5 stars Emma met her One True Love, Jesse, in high school. They had the perfect life together, but then Jesse’s helicopter goes missing, and he’s presumed dead. Emma goes back home to grieve when she reconnects with her old friend, Sam. Years later, Sam and Emma are engaged, and she’s finally moving forward… until … More One True Loves

The Simple Wild

4.5/5 stars Calla was only 2 when her mom took her and moved to Toronto. Alaska was far too isolating. Calla got the occasional phone call from her father, Wren, but eventually the two became estranged. When Calla learns that Wren may not be around much longer, she decides it’s time to take the trip … More The Simple Wild

Maybe in Another Life

Image Credits: LFSMusings Hannah has moved back to Los Angeles after city-hopping for a few years. To celebrate her homecoming, Hannah’s best friend, Gabby, takes her out with old friends. Among them is Hannah’s high school boyfriend, Ethan. The night comes to a close and Hannah must choose. Should she go home with Gabby or … More Maybe in Another Life

The Friend Zone

2/5 stars **Spoilers at end of review** Kristen is a straight-forward woman, except in one area. Fertility. A condition and medically-necessary procedure will make it impossible for her to have children biologically. As maid of honor for her best friend, she is about to spend a lot of time with the very attractive and absolutely … More The Friend Zone