Sex and Vanity

3.5/5 stars To preface, going into this book I did not know this was a modern retelling of A Room with a View (E.M. Forster). I was excited to read this because I loved the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy and I wanted another fun, summer read that offered me Asian representation. I was satisfied for … More Sex and Vanity


4/5 stars It’s 2016 and Orla is a hopeful novelist who makes a living writing clickbait articles about celebrities. She soon meets Floss, a wannabe influencer, and the two hatch a plan to thrust Floss into the spotlight. Meanwhile in the year 2051, Marlow is living her life for her 12 million followers. As she … More Followers

Home Before Dark

4/5 Maggie Holt has been living in the shadow of her father’s book for almost her entire life. After her family fled Baneberry Hall just three weeks after moving in, her father wrote a book about the horrors they experienced. Now as an adult, Maggie is determined to figure out how much of the story … More Home Before Dark

Anna K.

4/5 stars Anna K. is a modern reimagining of Anna Karenina following elite teens of New York. I was told this was basically Gossip Girl, and I would say that is an accurate representation. I was looking for a drama-filled, indulgent read and this delivered. I appreciated the Asian representation and that it was not … More Anna K.

In a Holidaze

4/5 stars Thanks to NetGalley and Gallery Books for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Maelyn Jones can think of no better place in the entire world than the cabin her family and close friends stay at every Christmas. The friendship of four families began when her parents … More In a Holidaze


5/5 stars Lowen is a writer that could really use a big break. She is struggling financially and her books aren’t really selling. An unusual and once in a lifetime opportunity comes along that could solve all of her problems. Verity Crawford is an accomplished writer. Unfortunately, she was in an accident that has prevented … More Verity

Mrs. Everything

5/5 stars A full review may be coming later, but my motivation in quarantine is looooow… This was an enthralling story about two sisters that took very different paths in life. Spanning from the 1950s to present, we follow the sisters to see how they ended up completely opposite of what they had imagined.