Shrinking Into Nothing

I can feel myself deteriorating. I am so tempted to just take the next steps and free myself of this insanity. Yes, I did manage to get writing done last night. I also stayed up until 3 AM fighting for my self worth and value. I am exhausted. I can see so many ways out, … More Shrinking Into Nothing

What Am I Fighting For?

It’s hard to fight for something when the other person doesn’t care. It’s hard not to question your worth when you are tossed aside every other day. It’s hard not to question if you will ever be loved again. You were so close to marriage—to starting a new life with someone. That someone was your … More What Am I Fighting For?


Pathetic. That’s what she is. He told her he’s done with her. He told her he never loved her. It was all lies. What does she do? She turns her phone on Loud and waits for him to come back. He’s always come back. She’s done nothing wrong. She’s supported him as much as she … More Pathetic.

Her Life Has Changed

He still hasn’t realized it, but his actions would affect her for the rest of her life. Would she trust again? Maybe in a few years. Maybe after letting a few good ones go because she could never really believe they’d want to be with her. Would she be celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary thinking, … More Her Life Has Changed

Am I Broken?

I must be broken. That’s the only explanation. Unwanted by those supposed to love me most. I must be defective. They must see something fundamentally wrong with me. Relinquished by my birth family. Left shortly before my wedding. Good people don’t have this happen to them, do they? I’m not really sure anymore. It seems … More Am I Broken?


When I first started blogging, I hosted a very niche YouTube video series. Some of you may know me. Some of you may be hearing from me for the first time. For now, I have chosen to remain (mostly) anonymous. Despite encouraging people to own their stories, a part of me still holds back. Fear … More Welcome!