Just another week

I walked out this morning and instead of being hit with the normal wall of hot, humid air, I felt a temperate breeze. Hopeful, I pulled open my weather app to see what the high was for today. Don’t fret. I was immediately crushed. Today, the high is 103 Fahrenheit and it “feels like” 108. … More Just another week

It finally came!

Not much to update today, other than my Book of the Month box came! I was getting worried because the post office predicted it wouldn’t reach me until August 14th! I now have plenty of books to read for the rest of the month, so get ready for lots of reviews! I had lunch with … More It finally came!

Productive Mondays

What a productive day! I didn’t wake up as early as I would have liked. My allergies have been pretty bad lately. They make my eyes itch and make me feel groggy overall. Despite this, I was able to accomplish a lot. I got a lot done at work. My presentation is almost complete (except … More Productive Mondays

Cafe Brunching

Happy Sunday! I hope you were able to sleep in a little! I am doing a little more relaxing today since I was able to finish the work I needed to do over the weekend yesterday. Of course, there is always more work to be done, but I think I need time to rest. I … More Cafe Brunching

An Overrated Book?

It is finally the weekend, and boy am I happy! I didn’t sleep in as late as I would have liked, although by the way I felt this morning, I could’ve slept until late afternoon! I went to be relatively early last night (as opposed to my 2-3AM insomnia nights), so maybe it was the … More An Overrated Book?

The roar of life

The roar of the steam roller deafened her. She had her headphones in trying to listen to the latest true crime podcast, but it was nearly impossible. Cars whizzed by, honking at the traffic piling up from the nearby construction. She was sitting outside despite the 90 F weather. Her office was windowless and freezing. … More The roar of life

Re-balancing Life

So, yesterday did not go as planned. I was so exhausted after work, I didn’t have my Chinese class. I realized that I am still doing too much. Working a full day and then having class until 9pm is just not feasible for me. Instead of staying up late doing homework and trying to get … More Re-balancing Life